Using innovative technology and care for the environment is one of our priorities

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We are committed to the highest standards of environmental safety, preserving the pristine nature of the Danube and other rivers



In order to prepare barges for their subsequent loading with cargo, a thorough cleaning of barges and cargo vessels is required and it is realized through DDSG`s own cleaning base, located at the right bank in the port of Linz on the 2131,5 Danube kilometer. The station has the necessary cleaning equipment, its own water drainage devices and is equipped with a special air drying system for fast drying of cleaned cargo holds.

We have two “klima:aktiv” awards from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management.

We do everything in our power so that you can enjoy exquisite pure beauty and comfort of our marine



Since many years the company also possesses its own bilge water collection station to collect used engine oil and oily rag in the port of Linz.

2018 the company installed a new bilge water collection station called “Super Cleaner”, with impressive performance, which exceeds the legal required values by the double.

The recycling and cleaning station is located on the right bank on the 2127,2 Danube kilometre.


In addition, the station supplies fresh engine oil in barrels or in bulk as well as other consumable materials.

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